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Fourie Stott Eviction


Eviction For any landlord, non-payment of rental by tenants and their subsequent eviction can be an extremely stressful experience, particularly when the landlord depends on that rental for the landlord’s living expenses. At Fourie Stott, our goal is to ensure that this process is as streamlined and cost-effective as possible. We can assist and advise .. read more

Fourie Stott New Leave Entitlements For Employees

New Leave Entitlements For Employees

New Leave Entitlements For Employees Until recently, fathers and adoptive parents were largely prejudiced by labour laws which did not provide them with any rights of leave on the birth or adoption of their child. The same is true for those who entered into surrogacy motherhood agreements.  At the most, these parents could make use .. read more

Fourie Stott Family Law Matters

Family Law Matters

Family Law Matters Strife in a family is always stressful and emotional. At Fourie Stott, our intention is to provide quality service to clients, aimed at resolving family law matters as amicably and cost-effectively as possible in the circumstances. Our family law specialist Claire Delport has extensive experience in dealing with family law matters, ranging .. read more

Fourie Stott Solidify your Relationships

Solidify your relationships

Solidify your relationships in 2020 Not only is 2020 the beginning of a new year but also the beginning of a new decade. This is a wonderful opportunity to spring clean your personal and business relationships to ensure that you are standing on solid ground. For business owners it is an opportunity to reflect on .. read more

Fourie Stott get your HR ducks in a row

Get your HR ducks in a row

Get your HR ducks in a row A new year always provides an opportunity to “get your HR ducks in a row”, so that problems during the year are minimised. Fourie Stott’s labour department offers an all-inclusive service to assist employers to ensure that they are protected and compliant in respect of their most important .. read more

Fourie Stott Mutatis Mutandis

Mutatis mutandis

Mutatis mutandis: things being changed that have to be changed Mutatis mutandis is a Latin maxim most often used when importing the terms of one document into another. The literal translation is “things being changed that have to be changed”. For example, if the parties have a number of agreements between them, and they wish .. read more

Fourie Stott Disciplinary Hearings

Disciplinary Hearings

Disciplinary Hearings within the workplace – What All Employers and Employees Should Know It is important for employers to know that employees cannot be dismissed without following proper procedures. Disciplinary hearings is to ascertain if the employee is guilty of misconduct or not, and if the employee is guilty, what the appropriate sanction should be. .. read more

Fourie Stott Employment Contract

Employment Contract

Employment Contract – What all Employers and Employees should know. If you are an employee (as defined in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, 1997 – “the Act”), you must insist on having a written employment contract setting out all the details of your employment. You should also ask for a copy of the contract .. read more

Fourie Stott set off


What does set-off mean? Set-off allows for the termination of mutual obligations between parties without an exchange of performance. This is a well-established principle of South African common law dating back to Roman Law. However, the National Credit Act, 2005 and recent case law have changed the legal landscape. An example of this principle is, .. read more

Fourie Stott can your ex inherit

Can your ex inherit?

Can your ex inherit in terms of your will? If you had your will drawn up while you were married, in all likelihood you made your spouse a beneficiary of your estate. If you subsequently divorced your spouse, your ex will still be a beneficiary unless: Your will makes provision for your wishes in the .. read more